Technical systems We design industrial production
"Technical systems" have their own design and technology department and their own production base.

Some examples of technological equipment developed and delivered to enterprises:

  • vacuum induction furnaces for melting;
  • vacuum furnaces for heat treatment;
  • chamber resistance furnaces;
  • installations for induction heating of workpieces;
  • jet etching plants and other washing complexes;
  • plant for cleaning contaminated soil.
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technological equipment designed, manufactured and put into operation
Stages of work
Design, documentating for the product
and agreement with the client
Manufacturing and assembly of the finished product
at our own production base, demonstration of efficiency before shipment
Installation supervision and commissioning of equipment
at the customer's site, including the development of the required technological parameters
Our production
Unit for evaporation of solutions
In 2022, our company completed work on the development of design documentation and the manufacture of an evaporation unit for sodium chloride solutions. This equipment is designed for accumulation, concentration, crystallization of sodium chloride.
Vacuum induction melting furnaces
LLC PPF "Technical Systems" has developed and supplied the following types of vacuum induction furnaces to customer enterprises:
  • VIP for neodymium
    The number of vacuum chambers is one. Chamber volume - 0.2 m3, power 100 kW, designed to obtain raw materials for supermagnets.
  • VIP for special steel smelting
    Vertical version, with bottom drain. Power 160 kW. Preparation of nickel-based alloys.
  • Vacuum three-chamber batch furnace for producing resistive alloys. Power 160 kW.
  • VIP single-chamber with bottom and rotary drain
Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment
Powder metallurgy is a technology for producing finished products from metal powders by sintering at high temperatures. LLC PPF "Technical Systems" develops and supplies the following types of vacuum furnaces with different parameters:
  1. Vacuum drying plants.
    LLC PPF “Technical Systems” develops and supplies installations for vacuum drying of various materials. Vacuum drying is a technological process that removes residual moisture from the structure of materials and various products. Due to the presence of vacuum, the drying process takes place at lower temperatures, which ensures the absence of defects in the processed products. Drying chambers are closed, sealed containers made of stainless steel.
    In order to increase the efficiency of heat transfer by heaters, the chamber is covered with two layers of heat-insulating material. To control the temperature and prevent overheating, a thermocouple type temperature sensor is placed in the zone of each heater. To control the temperature of the product, a thermocouple with a flexible wire is installed in the chamber. The control is carried out by the contact method with the installation of a thermocouple on the surface of the product in its middle part.
  2. Plant for sintering pressed metal powders
  3. Sintering temperature up to 2500℃,
  4. The volume of the sintering chamber is 0.02 m3
  5. Heater type - graphite.
  6. Type of insulation - water-cooled walls with graphite felt.
  7. Power 80 kW.
Chamber resistance furnaces
Chamber furnaces are used for heating metal blanks before rolling and forging, for heat treatment of metal and glass products, firing of ceramic and enameled products. In a chamber furnace, the products are in a stationary state relative to the furnace during the entire heating period.
Contaminated soil treatment plant
The plant for the treatment of radioactively contaminated soil (UORZG) is designed for the processing of soil classified as radioactive waste (VLLW, HAO, SAO).
RW category of processed soil LLW, VLLW, SAO
Soil productivity, t/h 2,0
Annual processing volume, m3 3000
Service life, years 10
The UORZG scheme provides for the following purification steps:
  • loading, disintegration and washing of the original soil with recycled water;
  • separating the coarse fraction of gravel (more than 50 mm) in size and loading into a barrel;
  • separation, washing and dehydration of sand 0.05-3 mm in the classifier;
  • reagent treatment of the sand fraction 0.05-3 mm in a solution of sodium carbonate and sulfuric acid, washing with water, loading into a barrel;
  • separating the fraction of gravel (3-50 mm), additional cleaning of gravel 3-50 mm in a solution of sodium carbonate, washing with water and loading into a barrel;
  • thickening and dehydration of the soil fraction less than 0.05 mm (cake);
  • separation of plant residues at all stages of processing, loading into a barrel;
  • neutralization and transfer of spent solutions.
Vacuum chambers and auxiliary vacuum equipment
LLC PPF "Technical Systems" develops and supplies vacuum chambers for various applications according to customer requirements.

The company has experience in manufacturing vacuum chambers up to 3m3, complete with vacuum system and vacuum control system. The vacuum chamber is completed with sensors, valves, filters, viewing windows and other fittings.