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LLC PPF " Technical systems"

With our organization and competencies, we provide investors-customers with design and survey work, R&D and design developments.

The company has all the necessary SRO permits for design and surveys (including those at especially dangerous and technically complex facilities, as well as at nuclear facilities).

Employees of the “Technical Systems” are regularly certified by Rostekhnadzor.
“Technical systems” have their own design and technology department and their own assembly and production base.

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Examples of completed work
Industrial production of pigment titanium dioxide
In 2022, PPF "Technical Systems" LLC, within the framework of the agreements concluded with Siberian Titanium LLC, successfully carried out large-scale work to carry out design and survey work and develop working design documentation for non-standardized equipment for the Facility: "Industrial production of pigment titanium dioxide using fluoride technology" .

Pigmented titanium dioxide is an important product for the paint, plastics and paper industries.
Unit for evaporation of solutions
In 2022, our company completed work on the development of design documentation and the manufacture of an evaporation unit for sodium chloride solutions. This equipment is designed for accumulation, concentration, crystallization of sodium chloride.
Design of copper rod shop Ruskat (Togliatti)
At the beginning of 2017, LLC PPF "Technical Systems" began to develop design and working documentation for the construction of the Ruskat copper rod shop, Togliatti, and the products of this shop began to be produced already in early 2018.

Thus, the entire project cycle, from design to receipt of the first batch of products, was one year.
  • The construction area of the ABK is 1200 m2;
  • The construction area of the production workshop - 5000 m2;
  • The volume of produced copper rod is 25,000 tons per year.
Design and manufacture of vacuum drying plants
LLC PPF "Technical Systems" develops and supplies installations for vacuum drying of various materials. Vacuum drying is a technological process that removes residual moisture from the structure of materials and various products. Due to the presence of vacuum, the drying process takes place at lower temperatures, which ensures the absence of defects in the processed products.

Drying chambers are closed, sealed containers made of stainless steel. In order to increase the efficiency of heat transfer by heaters, the chamber is covered with two layers of heat-insulating material. To control the temperature and prevent overheating, a thermocouple type temperature sensor is placed in the zone of each heater.

To control the temperature of the product, a thermocouple with a flexible wire is installed in the chamber. The control is carried out by the contact method with the installation of a thermocouple on the surface of the product in its middle part.
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